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FlashpointsSuggested by Speaker
7 Strategies for Rapid Fire Business Growth

Contact: JK (John) Harris
Phone: 888-833-5156 ext. 2513

Available to talk in Connecticut and Massachusetts

Comments: JK (John) Harris, founder and president of JK Harris & Company, has written his first and second books of a series that is aimed at entrepreneurs and business managers; “Flashpoint: Seven Core Strategies for Rapid Fire Business Growth” (Entrepreneur Press, April, 2010) and "Sales Flashpoint" (Entrepreneur Press, October, 2010). In Flashpoint, Harris discusses the seven strategies essential for business growth, regardless of the company or industry. He illustrates his points with real life examples-some humorous and some painful- from his own 35 years of business experience.

Serial entrepreneur and author JK (John) Harris’ book Flashpoint hit bookstores on April 1, 2010 and Harris has embarked on a nationwide promotional tour. The second book in the series, Sales Flashpoint is scheduled for release October 1st. Mr. Harris is planning to visit the Boston area October 25th-29th, and is interested in speaking with the Kiwanis Club of Beverley.

Mr. Harris’ purpose of his books is not how he became a millionaire and how you can too. His purpose is getting to the flashpoint. The flashpoint is the point in your business when it booms and you’re on a path to “growth, success, and making a positive impact on the world.” Mr. Harris has started and run 18 companies in a variety of industries and during every type of economic cycle. His book will provide valuable and immediately useful information for entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their business.

The companies that will be strong and profitable in the coming years are preparing for growth now—and JK Harris is explaining how to do that. The strategies are interrelated and work together to help any entrepreneur build an unstoppable company. For example, Strategy Two is Identify Every Player on the Field—including your competitors and other business influences. In Strategy Six, Respect the Competition, Harris explains how to let the competition make you better and stronger. Much of his talk will focus on Strategy One: Figure Out What You Don’t Know, he’ll explain why it’s important along with some virtually foolproof ways to do it.

John (JK) Harris’ dynamic presentations at conferences, conventions, and corporate meetings are designed to entertain, inform, and leave audiences energized, enthused, and looking forward to his next appearance.