Bird Watching in New England
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Black-capped Chicodee
Black-capped Chickadee
New Hampshire
Purple Finch
Rhode Island
Rhode Island Red
Hermit Thrush
Have you seen these bird?
Visit clubs around your state and you might
win the Governor's Special Interclubbing Award
(See rules below)
Standard Interclub Contest still in effect too!

Our traditional Interclub contest is set to go, with Jack Savastano at the helm. The rules of that contest are similar to other years, and the starting gun has sounded.

Governor John Maihos asked for a special Interclub contest that would get clubs out of their division. There's a lot beyond the borders of our clubs, and he wanted to try to build more friendships between clubs so District conventions and conferences will be even better than they already have become. When you make friends in other clubs, the District events become even  more important, and it's fun to see everyone again.

Every state has a State Bird. In Maine and Massachusetts it's the Black-cap Chickadee. In Vermont, it's the Hermit Thrush, In Connecticut it's the American Robin, and in Rhode Island, it's the Rhode Island Red. Even Bermuda has a bird for the contest. The White-tailed Tropicbird (aka the 'Longtail') is even featured on the Bermuda Quarter.

For the contest, a special scrapbook was created with the state bird pictured, and with plenty of empty pages. Each state also has a "Bird Watcher" who will keep tabs on where the scrapbook is around their state.

The job of the each state's Bird Watcher is to report to the Game Warden, me, where the bird has landed to nest. Each club should notify the State There are a few rules for the contest:

1) The scrapbook must stay in within its own state.
2) An Interclub is an Interclub. In other words, the same rules apply to numbers of members visiting.
3) The contest runs through June 1.
4) By June 30, the book must be returned to the Game Warden.
5) When you get the book, you will notify your State's Bird Watcher.

You'll earn points when you have the scrapbook:
1) Start the scrapbook out, and you get points (20 points).
2) For an interclub (another club comes to get the book) from within your division (10 points).
3) For an interclub (another club comes to get the book) from outside your division (25 points).
4) For every week, the bird stays and nests at your club (5 points).
5) For an interclub where you BRING the book to another club within your division (15 points).
6) For an interclub where you BRING the book to a club OUTSIDE your division (30 points).
7) For inserting a picture (20 points).
8) For using signed sheet of letterhead or other club note paper (5 points)

You can get the bird more than once, but the real fun is moving the scrapbook throughout your state. Either you can take a picture in front of your club banner or have members sign your letterhead and insert in the book. When the year is over, the scrapbook will make a great gift to Governor John!

Here are the contest officials:
Game Warden - Donna Wood Pruitt.
Ass’t. Game Warden - Jack Savastano.
(Their special email address is:

State Bird Watchers are:
Maine - Alice Savage
Vermont - Roby Read
New Hampshire - Monika Bryant
Connecticut - Cindy Perham
Massachusetts - Jack Savastano
Rhode Island - Dave Koohy
Bermuda - Gary Kent Smith

Let's have some fun and spread the fellowship with this special project.

-Donna Wood Pruit
-Jack Savastano
Official Game Wardens

If your club has the Bird Book, please send an email with your club's name and contact information to
Maine: Hampden
Massachusetts: Malden
New Hampshire: Hooksett
Vermont: ???
Connecticut: West Hartford
Rhode Island: ???
Bermuda: St. George’s
If your club has the Bird Book, please email