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New England District Advisors' Resources

Welcome to the New England District of Key Club Advisors' website.  This website is designed with the Key Club Faculty and Kiwanis Advisors in mind. 

Our goals:

  • To post information and forms that will assist you in the monthly management of your Key Club(s).
  • To post information that will assist you in promoting and participating in the New England District Education Conference.
  • To post minutes from the NED Board of Trustees meetings. 
  • To improve communication among all adult advisors.

This site will house all of the forms that your Key Club lieutenant governor will be issuing each of your presidents throughout the year. In addition, you will find the latest DeCON information regarding available contests, contest rules, registration deadlines, and planned convention forums (as they unfold).   Feel free to direct students to this website if they need to download information or forms throughout the year.

In order to communicate effectively, we ask that you submit to Nicole your email address so we can include you in the Google group that has been set up for advisors.  This email group will let you know when updates are posted to this page or to this site, and it will allow all of a means to communicate with one another and with the Adult Committee members.   Again, one of our goals is to improve communication so that each of us can do the best job possible as a Key Club advisor.

We look forward to working with all of you.  Visit often as we will be building this site over the next couple of weeks.